Who am I.
Just in case you are wondering, I am wondering too.
So I took a quiz, and this is the result.

  • Down-to-earth, straighforward, efficient problem solver.
  • Like serious, smart and determined people.
  • Education is less important than the real world.
  • Confident that I will be successful in my chosen career.
  • Full energy and confidence, unpredictable moods as an ocean. Occasionally be calm and still but never for long.

I can say, the result is 90% accurate.

What I do.
I love linux and Centos is my distro. Here some of my project with centos:

  • Database migration from Oracle to Postgresql.
  • Mail migration from Ms Exchange to zimbra.
  • Domain migration from Windows NT to Centos + Samba.
  • HA Server with drbd and heartbeat.

My web project.

  • Setup some clients website with drupal and wordpress.
  • Running a local classified website with Centos, Nginx, Php-fpm, Varnish, PostgreSQL.

I was a teacher in Linux Course, not anymore.

I am also on https://www.facebook.com/risiyanto, http://id.linkedin.com/in/risiyanto, https://twitter.com/risiyanto.

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